Diversity & Inclusion

FocusWorks believes that diversity inclusion provides an opportunity to bring the best ideas into the workplace. Organizations that value diversity and protect the unique qualities of all of its workers open a portal to solve unique challenges and increase engagement to productivity which translates into greater profits. Organizations that are culturally competent understand its customers’ needs and practices how to best reach customers and consumers through the diversity of its employee base. Those organizations avoid the pitfalls which are often common to expanding clientele into different markets.

FocusWorks trains employees to value differences and to maximize diverse talents to achieve company objectives. FocusWorks can teach various affinity groups to take on the challenges of expanding into different communities. These learning opportunities will focus the talents of your organization on solving your most pressing business objectives. We help each organization realize the power of furthering its institutional integrity through employee and supplier diversity.

We offer a myriad of solutions to assist organizations in moving forward in their inclusion initiatives:

  • Diversity Awareness
  • Cultural Competency
  • Cultural Competency in Healthcare
  • Worlds Apart – A Four-Part Series on Cross-Cultural Healthcare
  • Managing Different Generations in the Workplace

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