Our Clients Love Us

Here’s what people are saying:

“Roberta has deep professional experience and it shows through her outstanding presentations. She draws from over two decades of hard work and dedication as a human resources professional and as an entrepreneur.  Without question her commitment, passion and energy would get your group off to a first-rate start for the year. I would strongly recommend Roberta for any future events either inside or outside your organization.”

Iris R. Ramey

Associate Vice President, Tennessee State University, Corporate Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives

“Roberta Pettis and FocusWorks are one of the best training consultants I have worked with. Robertabrings 30 years of training experience to the trainings she leads. Our team members have grown professionally because of her training. Team members often ask specifically for her training. Roberta’s trainings are well put together with the right amount of activities to keep the class engaged. As a matter of fact, there is a waitlist to get in any class that she is teaching.”

Gleason Rogers

Training & Development, Manager, Tractor Supply Company

“I have taken this training several times before; however, Roberta brought professionalism and a cohesiveness that I was not accustomed to. She created an environment that allowed people to share, be open, honest, and considerate of others.”

ShaVette Glenn Summers

Program Manager Extended Learning Programs

“Roberta is an outstanding group facilitator, as well as a coach. She practices active listening and supports executives with empathy, inquiry, and best practices.”

Rossina Gil

Leader and Organization Development Practitioner

“Roberta Pettis is a dynamic speaker, trainer and consultant who is very passionate about her work. She is experienced, detailed, thorough and totally vested in ensuring you and your company employ best practices as it relates to human resource management, as well as leadership development and organizational effectiveness. I highly recommend her and the team at FocusWorks Consulting Group.”

Ashley Northington

Director at Denor Brands and Public Relations

“Roberta has a very positive personality. She has been doing this a long time and she’s worked with a lot of levels of people. She puts you at ease and listens to what your interests are, what your needs are, and she really tries to focus products to serve those needs.”

“I hate training, but her training style was very warm and engaging, very professional but very approachable. I think that’s what sets her apart.”

“She has in the past has tried to offer a lot of things, which, in my opinion, may have been stretching her a little thin. She needs to focus on a certain scope so that people can understand the benefit they will get from her.”

“With Roberta, it’s not just the delivery of the material. Her goal is to see that light come on that says, ‘Hey, I get it. I want to move forward.’ The people that have been through her class, they want Roberta.”

“People tend to talk about themselves too much, and the course can kind of get sidetracked. Roberta is very good at tactfully getting people to move on. That was another of her skills, the ability to draw people back to the content.”