FocusWorks Team Bios

At FocusWorks Consulting Group, we are honored to have the strength and experience cultivated from a number of outstanding individuals that continue to redefine success in consulting fields at every opportunity. We are pleased to share with you the bios of some of our esteemed team leaders.

Roberta Pettis – President

Tracey A. Kinslow – Vice President

Rhonda Scott Kinslow – Senior Consultant

Jay Conner – Senior Consultant

Rossina Gil – Senior Consultant

Paul Cryster – Senior Consultant

Sherry Duncan – Senior Consultant

Rhonda Crosslin Neal – Senior Consultant

Contact Us

Want to learn more about the superb talent working for you here at FocusWorks? We invite you to contact us via our web form or call us at 615-349-1579.