How we do it

FocusWorks Consulting Group transforms workplace challenges into opportunities. We meet you where you are, we speak your language and we leave you with proven, workable techniques and information you can use.

Company founder Roberta Pettis is certified as a Master Facilitator with Ntrinsx, an innovative-and-highly interactive “social intelligence” tool that helps people understand and appreciate each other’s intrinsic value, as well as how they might readjust their attitudes and behaviors to the benefit of the organization. Creating a positive-and-productive work environment is not a one-and-done process. We apply a proprietary, three-pronged approach to every workplace challenge or conflict.

  • The FocusWorks experience begins with a low-stress, highly interactive training class. Participants learn important interpersonal skills and have a positive experience, but one training class does not an effective leader make.
  • These classroom lessons are then applied and put to the test on the floor, in the day-to-day work environment.
  • FocusWorks performs a comprehensive follow-up, with one-on-one coaching, counseling and talking through – “How did that work for you?” How did that conversation go?” “Was this technique useful to you? “What do we need to change?” We work through the issues to reach positive, productive resolutions.