Lean/Six Sigma

‘Work smarter, not harder!’ is a phrase that has been a part of organizational thinking for years. Lean/Six Sigma is an improvement strategy that has long been focused on helping both workers and organizations do just that. Recently, a friend and colleague of FocusWorks added the following which better describes the goal of Lean/Six Sigma: ‘Make the right work easier to do.’

FocusWorks is committed to doing both by working with your people to review, evaluate and improve the processes within your organization. Then we utilize Lean/Six Sigma tools to make those processes more efficient and effective. By eliminating waste and creating standardization, we improve your ability to add value to what you deliver to customers – both internal and external. We will help you evaluate and analyze process problems, determine workable solutions and support those solutions by developing focused action plans.

Lean/Six Sigma focuses on eliminating and minimizing variation within processes by eliminating the waste that occurs when multiple employees do the same things in organizational processes. FocusWorks will show you how to eliminate the eight wastes that keep you from delivering the value that you want to deliver to your customers.

Your organization will learn to view problem solving in an unconventional way, develop a more impactful leadership style, help staff improve their work and build a structure around learning and growth – all by using the highly successful and proven process improvement tools.

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