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Leadership Development

The FocusWorks Leadership series focuses on expanding proven leadership capabilities anchored to fundamental leadership awareness, interpersonal skills, and performance management.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

With the world becoming more mobile and multi-cultural, diversity and inclusion have taken on a new importance in the workplace. It is increasingly essential for individuals to be equipped and empowered with strategies for removing barriers and stereotypes, and to encourage diversity in the workplace and even through their community.

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Professional Development

“Work smarter, not harder” is a phrase that has been a part of organizational thinking for years. An organization will only achieve greater effectiveness and higher productivity by developing skills to align their structure, business strategy, and culture with their workforce strategy. In addition, as employees gain more skills and knowledge, they will become more effective in their roles, which will allow the organization to be more successful.

Social Intelligence (Ntrinsx)

The success of every organization is dependent on how well the people are aligned to the business – and to each other. To be most effective, you need to understand and respect the intrinsic values of others you engage with. Ntrinsx includes an online assessment that will introduce you to the Social Intelligence tools that are available to help you understand your own values and the values of others. You will learn how to interpret your own results and begin to relate to the temperament of those you engage with in the business. You will gain new respect for coworkers and a natural process that will instill respect, based on understanding, within the culture of your organization.

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Executive Coaching

We support executives and managers by equipping them with the tools they need to develop an outlook that leads to future success. Our methods lead to increased self-confidence, recognition of talents and skills, a redefining of personal identity, and a fostering of personal strategies that positively influence others.

Vision Casting Workshop

Vision. While the word may not appear on your to-do list or your company’s bullet-pointed priorities, it’s one of the keys to the health and longevity of your business and to unlocking real passion and commitment from your employees. While we often think of vision as the purview of CEOs and founders, instilling a shared, authentic vision into your company’s culture moves things forward by providing employees with the opportunity to feel invested and to succeed in their roles within the organization and in their overall careers.

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