Professional & Workforce Development

FocusWorks Consulting Group provides Professional and Workforce Development to every employee within an organization in order to equip them with the skills and resources to do their jobs effectively. As employees gain more skills and knowledge, they will become more effective in their roles which will allow the organization to be more successful.

Organizations developmentstruggle to offer cost-effective, quality training programs to their employees due to a lack of expertise, lack of available and properly trained staff to provide training and the inability to effectively manage the learning activities and improvement objectives of the organization. Without adequate follow-up and continued development opportunities, organizations will remain stagnant and fail to release the full potential of their employees.

FocusWorks offers quality, tailor-made training programs for your organization to ensure that all employees receive the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve sustained success.

We have created several training solutions that will guarantee success within your organization such as:

  • Creating onboarding programs to provide new employees with proper organizational orientation and comprehensive training plans which will provide them with the knowledge and skills to be successful in their roles
  • Developing refresher training programs for existing team members to enhance their skills, introduce them to new processes and increase their retention within the company
  • Training subject matter experts within your organization on how to provide effective “on-the-job” training to your employees
  • Designing a learning management system that tracks and measures your employees training and development activities

College and University Training Programs

For our College and University clients, FocusWorks offers a variety of training programs for employees and students which are designed to improve leadership skills, heighten engagement and promote long-term success. Of course at Colleges and Universities, the success of all students is the first priority, but the success of the employees is equally important. The employees work tirelessly to create a successful learning environment for the students. Critical to the overall student experience is the professional development of the employees who interface with the students on a daily basis. The programs that we offer both employees and students are engaging, interactive and fun. We address key issues in a safe environment where employees as well as students are free to share and learn. At FocusWorks, our motto is “Your Success is our Focus.” Therefore, our programming (partial listing outlined below) is designed to promote success.

  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • True Colors – Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Emotional Intelligence for the Student Leader
  • Providing Outstanding Customer Service
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Residence Life Training Programs
  • Campus Safety
  • CARES Model – Customer Service for Law Enforcement on College Campuses
  • Behavioral Based Interviewing Techniques for Students

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