FocusWorks Coaching is a Game Changer

“A good coach will make his players see what they can be, rather than what they are.” – Ara Parseghian

As one of Notre Dame’s winningest coaches, Ara Parseghian revived a losing team, bringing them back to national prominence in the early 1960s. He understood the power of a coach in bringing perspective and building consensus. In business as in football, late-game performance can be key in hitting the benchmarks that add up to a winning year. It’s no secret that contests are often won or lost in that last quarter.

FocusWorks Coaching
In any business or organization, there are times when a professional coach can work wonders to clear away the fog and bring clarity to important objectives. Whether it’s improving goal-setting capabilities, restoring leadership confidence and effectiveness, or simply building a more collaborative and successful company culture, the right coach can provide the objective, expert counsel that gets you back on track and keeps you focused and heading in the right direction.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, FocusWorks Consulting Group is a premier provider of leadership training and development solutions. We support executives and managers by equipping them with the tools they need to develop an outlook that leads to success. Our time-tested methods lead to increased self-confidence, recognition of talents and skills, a redefining of personal identity, and a fostering of personal strategies that positively influence others.

The days are gone when coaches were chiefly engaged to deal with a toxic team member. Effective executive coaching today fosters the development of self-awareness and the mastering of workable leadership techniques that motivate and inspire team members at every level of the company.

Women Excelling in Life and Leadership
In the workplace, women are at a crossroads. It doesn’t take an extensive search to uncover the challenges experienced by today’s female leaders. Just turn on your television, scroll through your LinkedIn feed, or chat with your colleagues. You can easily see the challenges, from #metoo to #momguilt to pay disparities, to lack of representation. Progress is being made, but there is much left to be done. That’s why FocusWorks Consulting Group’s WELL Program is so effective and so timely.

The WELL Program (Women Excelling in Life and Leadership) is a powerful and dynamic, 9-week virtual development cohort for female leaders looking to perfect their unique leadership style and develop targeted action plans to achieve next-level personal and professional growth.

Today’s female leaders are seeking transformational development in their personal lives, in business, and in their communities. The WELL Program brings us together to draw from the deep WELL of our collective knowledge, experience, and inspiration.

While the time you spend at the WELL will not eradicate these challenges, it will equip and empower you to face them head on. The WELL experience requires commitment and dedication, not to the program, but to the best version of yourself and your personal next-level leadership goals.

At FocusWorks, we understand that every organization and every situation is unique. Whether it’s executive coaching, our WELL program, or any of our many offerings, we take a strategic approach to training, getting to know you and your team, and how you play the game. We meet you where you are, offering a variety of custom solutions to meet your specific needs and give you that final push into the end zone for a winning season.