Aligning Your Team for Success in 2024


The starting lineup of a team is key to the level of effectiveness and execution in meeting business targets and strategic goals. Clarity on organizational goals and resources to achieve the goals are necessary to ensure everyone is engaged and aligned to work toward a successful and fulfilling 2024. It’s the same with any business.…

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Up Your Game This Season with FocusWorks Training


It’s that time of year once again. The temperatures and the leaves are finally beginning to fall, and folks are gathering around their widescreen TVs for the big kickoff. That’s right, it’s football season, time to get revved up and ready to fight our way to the championship. For business leaders, these final months of…

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The Fall of Affirmative Action and the Rise of DEI Leadership


With the Supreme Court’s recent decision to end affirmative action, the need for institutes of higher learning to consider information about student identities such as race, ethnicity, or gender in their admissions policies has been greatly reduced, if not eliminated. Whatever one might think about the wisdom of this decision or the heated politics surrounding…

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Getting to Know Your Customer is an Inside Job

Remember when we had only a few holidays each year? Scanning my calendar today, it seems like every other day is a reason to celebrate something; pets, knitting, skydiving, restaurants, you name it. I noticed that in July, we’re supposed to be ready for something called “Get to Know your Customers Day.” In fact, it…

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The Most Effective Leaders Never Stop Learning

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy Excellent communication skills, a clearly defined vision, decisiveness under pressure, and the ability to successfully inspire and support a team of people – these are the some of the positive traits commonly attributed to effective leaders. One important quality that isn’t talked about quite…

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