Getting to Know Your Customer is an Inside Job

Remember when we had only a few holidays each year? Scanning my calendar today, it seems like every other day is a reason to celebrate something; pets, knitting, skydiving, restaurants, you name it.

I noticed that in July, we’re supposed to be ready for something called “Get to Know your Customers Day.” In fact, it says here that this particular day is “celebrated” the third Thursday of each month. Really? Do we really need a special day to remind us to get to know our customers? I will tell you this; for FocusWorks (and for any for company worth its salt), that day is every day.

Of course, the best way to get to know your customers is to provide exactly what product or service they need, when and where they need it, and to do it better than anyone else. Though those customers may live outside of your organization, the best way to get to know them begins on the inside.

Leveraging social media, utilizing surveys, creating customer-centric events, and soliciting client endorsements are a few of the many methods you and your team can use to get to know your target demographic and learn how to better serve them. But even more important and effective than those time-tested tools is a genuine buy-in from your employees, and that starts at the top.

Employee buy-in is essential because it leads to increased motivation, productivity, enthusiasm, and, you guessed it, greater customer engagement. When employees have truly bought into the mission of your company, they are far more likely to understand and appreciate your target customer’s needs and wants and to be invested in their success.

When you include and value your employees in this way, continually letting them know that their work is meaningful and important to the company’s long- and short-term goals, that positive energy translates directly into happy customers. When every member of your team, from the CEO to the person manning the reception desk, can talk fluently and enthusiastically about your company and its mission, good things happen inside and outside of the organization. One of those good things is employee retention. Simply put, happy, engaged people tend to stick around.

It’s the same with those customers. Satisfied clients are the ones that come back again and again. At FocusWorks we understand getting to know your customers is an inside job. We specialize in developing people and organization through targeted and engaged training programs, seminars, and interactive workshops.

FocusWorks’ Leadership That Works series focuses on expanding proven leadership capabilities anchored to fundamental leadership awareness, interpersonal skills, and performance management. We develop multi-faceted leaders who are ready to embrace new and innovative strategies that energize employees, sustain a competitive business advantage, and help you create a company culture that naturally attracts the kinds of customers you’ll want to get to know.