Shining a Light on Mental Health

Never give up on someone with a mental illness. When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘we’ Illness becomes Wellness.” Shannon L. Alder

May is mental health awareness month, and with close to one in three employees reporting that they frequently suffer from stress at work, the subject is becoming more and more important for companies large and small.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) nearly 45 percent of workers say they are burned out from their jobs. These workers are nearly three times more likely to be searching for another job than those who aren’t depleted. The SHRM’s Employee Mental Health in 2024 Research Series also showed that only 40 percent of burned-out workers go beyond expectations in their roles, compared to 56 percent of those who don’t feel used up from their jobs.

The SHRM’s survey lists the following as significant contributors to employee stress:

· Workload

· Pay/compensation

· The nature of their work

· Poor leadership or management

· Understaffing

· Lack of recognition for their work

Experts agree that individuals with mental health challenges tend to be less productive and unmotivated. In other words, they’re not working up to their potential or not showing up for work as their best selves. This can spill over to the rest of the team and lead to resentment among co-workers picking up the slack. In addition, according to mental health services provider ComPsych, leaves of absence for mental health issues are up 300 percent.

Across every industry, with unalleviated mental health issues posing significant risks for employers’ bottom lines, companies are starting to pay attention to this complex and long-festering problem. Creating happier, more productive employees and healthier, more open-and-accepting workplaces will go a long way in addressing these mental health issues.

We’re living through challenging, sometimes divisive times. Generational differences and a varying age and work experience among employees can produce markedly different levels and types of stress and other mental health issues. One thing is certain. We need to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health. Employees must feel free to come forward and talk about their mental health openly without fear of reprisal.

One of the best ways to face these challenges and instill these values into the DNA of your business or organization is through professional training. At FocusWorks Consulting Group, we specialize in developing people and organizations through strategically targeted and customizable training programs, seminars and interactive workshops designed to break down barriers and build diverse, inclusive cultures that support employees’ mental health.

Women in the workplace often feel frustrated, undervalued, and stretched thin as they navigate the unique challenges stemming from systemic biases, societal pressures, and the delicate balance between professional and personal responsibilities. FocusWorks’ Women Excel in Life and Leadership (WELL) program equips women with practical strategies and tools needed to build confidence, navigate challenges, and lead from a place mental wellness, authenticity, and power.

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Roberta Scott Pettis

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